Domestic, Commercial and Industrial
Fans of European Manufacture.
  Commercial & Industrial Kitchen
Ventilation Systems.
  Industrial Production Unit & Factory
Ventilation Systems.
  Condominium Apartment Building and
Office Space Ventilation Systems.
  Evaporative Cooling Systems.  
  Wind Turbine Ventilators.  
  Roof Insulation and Heat Ingress
Control Systems.
  Dust Collection and Clean Room
  Cold Rooms.  
Our gateway to the world of Air, be it hot, cool, humid or dry, clean or dusty. We take whatever ambient in our stride and give it the treatment that it needs and deserves. We have the fans, the equipment the transport ducting, the heat exchangers and evaporative coolers the humidifiers and the dessicants, wind turbine ventilators, hurricane separators and filters. We can and do create the ambient that you require, efficiently and cost effectively so that you perform to your best.
Our Clients
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